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kerala marriage registration

The Kerala Marriage Registration Online is carried out under the supervision of Special Marriage Department. The process is normally arranged by the family members or friends of the groom and bride. The marriage record is a document that is issued by the registrar in the form of a certificate after a thorough verification of the marriage details provided by the concerned groom and bride. This entire process of marriage registration in Kerala follows some basic procedures, which are very well explained below.

The first and foremost procedure that is conducted at the time of marriage registration is offering of the bride and groom a written application form on the day of marriage. The application form needs to be presented to the registrar through his/her officer who then goes through the document and performs all the formalities in the prescribed order. The document is then returned to the couple along with the marriage certificate that has been allotted to them by the registrar. The next step in the sequence is the issuance of the marriage certificate to both the bride and the groom.

There is another procedure of marriage registration in Kerala that is followed for recording of the marriage solemnization. Again this is done by the family members or friends of the bride and groom who certify that the marriage is being conducted lawfully by the concerned local body. Then the document is presented before the concerned judges of the court where the marriage ceremony is taking place. This is also done when the marriage is being conducted in the presence of witnesses. The marriage registration here follows a different procedure from that of the sevana serene.

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Kerala Marriage Registration

marriage registration kerala

Another marriage registration procedure in Kerala is that of the request for the marriage certificate. This request needs to be made by the groom or bride with the help of their family members or friends. After careful scrutiny of the document it is finally approved by the registrar. Then this marriage registration application is submitted along with the required fee to the registrar. This fee is specified in the marriage registration form.

The most common marriage registration application form is the request for marriage certificate. It is generally written in Malayalm and English. This request is submitted to the concerned authorities either in the district office or at the head office of the Registrar. The time limit which is mentioned in the request form needs to be filled in accurately.

Then there is the request for the marriage certificate in the state of Kerala. This request is to be made to the local board of marriage. Then the appropriate official form is used to fill in all the information requested in the form i.e. name of the father or mother, date of birth, caste, and the contact details.

Next there is the request for the marriage certificate of the bride. This request is to be made to the local body of the bride. Again the request for the marriage certificate needs to be made to the concerned authority either at the sevana or at the head office of the Registrar. Like the request for the groom’s form, the bride’s request needs to be filled in accurately.

kerala marriage registration online

Then the papers are to be returned to the registrar along with the fees which has been paid. And that is it. On the completion of this marriage registration procedure in Kerala you will receive a certificate which will indicate that your marriage has been conducted in serene environment according to the wishes of both the parties. All these procedures are well worth the effort and is the best way to ensure that your marriage is legally recognized.

The following documents must be filed along on Form 1:-

  1. Certified copy of the certificate that proves the the husband’s age
  2. Attested copy of the document to verify the wife’s age
  3. Copy of the marriage certificate from the auditorium or the religious authority that is concerned, or a declaration in Form II signed by an MP/MLA/Gazetted Officer,A member of Local Self Government Institution, concerning the solemnization of weddings.
  4. Marriage invitation letter (optional)
  5. Form 2 is certified by a Gazetted officer elected representatives, or any other proof of solemnisation for wedding to the satisfaction of the Local Registrar/Registrar General in case of delayed applications.
  6. For documents that are proof of age, like SSLC book or driving license, Passport, School admission register, and other documents issued by the Government are acceptable.
  7. The couple must show up in person at the Registrar, and then sign the marriage registry. A cost of Rupees 10 must be paid in order to get a the marriage certificate.
  8. The current process for marriage registration is lengthy because the official who registers must enter all required information on form 1. (Form III registration is manually completed, but no electronic registration is required.
  9. To make it easier to complete the long-winded process Information Kerala Mission had developed an element in the Civil Registration (Common Marriage) application software to facilitate e- filling out the marriage registration forms (Form I) in accordance with the common marriage rules.
  10. By utilising this facility, an electronic copy of Form 1 can be submitted through web along with uploaded scanned photos for registration of marriages under the Kerala Registration of Marriages (common) Rules 2008.
  11. This can be done only in the Local bodies where the following facilities are available :-

  • Registration under Common Marriage rules are carried out using Sevana Civil
  • Registration (Common Marriage) application software.
  • Local bodies established KSWAN or BSNL-VPN connectivity.
  • Birth, Death and Marriage data is maintained, uploaded and updated regularly to
  • the State Data Centre.
  • The local bodies who have updated the Masters.

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