The Story of BIS Matrimony…

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Back on 21st November 2017, BIS Matrimony commenced its journey to becoming a one-stop matchmaking destination for Malayalis. This Kerala matrimony site received its trademark in 2020 after successfully uniting hearts & families for 3 years now. We are one of the fastest-growing matrimonial platforms that ensure a top-notch online matchmaking experience in South India. The CEO and founder of this business is Mr. Anil PS, a man who has always lived by the values of peace, happiness and humanity.

What Made Us ‘Matchmakers’?

Matches are already made in heaven. Our job is only to unite the souls on Earth.

If we can quench the thirst for love, peace would prevail. The idea of this matrimony site came from that very desire of bringing happiness into people’s lives. Gone are those days of searching in newspaper advertisements or hiring traditional matchmakers. Utilising the convenience of digitisation, we wanted to help Malayali individuals find their prospective grooms or brides on an easy-to-navigate Kerala matrimony platform.

Mission – That Inspires to Build Relationships!


Known as the ‘God’s own land,’ the majestic Kerala is a culturally diverse state, housing different communities like Nair, Christian, Ezhava and others.

1. Our primary mission is, hence, to bring potential life partners together from within communities.

2. We create opportunities where like-minded people can meet & greet, forming long-lasting relationships and extending their families.

BIS Matrimony ensures that the eligible and deserving individuals receive matchmaking assistance through superior-quality customer service and valuable matrimonial content. Our services adhere to the basic principles of humanity, respect, empathy and understanding.

Our Vision – The Milestone Where a New Journey Begins!

Through this initiative, we envision a society where finding an appropriate better-half is a rewarding experience. Hence, our Ezhava matrimony site endeavours to readdress the way weddings happen in Kerala. If beginnings are rejoiced, the path can be walked ahead together. After all, new journeys shall commence from celebrated milestones.

Abiding by Cultural Values and Preferences

At BIS Matrimony, we provide our registered users with portfolios according to their cultural values and preferences.

a) The Nairs:

Nair is one of the most prominent communities in Kerala who belongs to the upper Hindu caste. While education holds a higher place in their lives, they are mostly traditional when it comes to the sacredness of Nair matrimony. Their weddings happen in temples in the divine presence through simple and concise rituals.

b) The Ezhavas:

In terms of majority, Ezhavas lead the Hindu communities in this South Indian state. Believed to be the descendants of villavar, people from this community are mostly Hindus. However, in the 19th century, many have converted to Christianity and Sikhism owing to few movements. Hence, Ezhava Matrimony happens traditionally depending on their respective religious rituals and in the presence of their friends and family.

c) The Christians:

Christians comprise another significant section of the society. Kerala Christian matrimony of two ideal partners happens before the Almighty. Most of these weddings are arranged by parents after checking out background, status, education and other qualifying parameters of the potential bride or groom thoroughly.

With traditionalism at the core, people often amalgamate these weddings in Kerala with modern and unconventional additions. No matter what your choices are, our Kerala matrimony website always endeavours to bring you that ‘someone special’ you’re your own or other community effortlessly.

d) The Muslims:

Another major section of people are from the Muslim community. Their Nikah follows a perfect mix of Islamic rituals and Kerala’s culture, leading to a grand, colourful affair. We strive to provide a safe network for prospective Muslim singles so that they find compatible better halves for the ultimate marital bliss.

With traditionalism at the core, people often amalgamate these weddings in Kerala with modern and unconventional additions. No matter what your choices are, our Kerala matrimony website always endeavours to bring you that ‘someone special’ you’re your own or other community effortlessly.

Behind the Scenes: An Untiring Team Working Arduously

Wedding stories revolve around soulmates but are created by enthusiastic well-wishers.

While your friends and families complete your nuptials with grandeur, BIS Matrimony seizes this opportunity to write the first page of your ‘happily ever after.’ We have a passionate team, which conducts in-depth research, authenticates profiles through OTP and other verification methods, gains clarity about customer requirements and ensures top-notch client experience.

We value your concerns about authenticity!

When it comes to online, most people are concerned about the authenticity of profiles. Nowadays, Kerala Matrimony sites are browsed by every kind of people, including parents, for suitable grooms or brides. Our adept team not only maintains user-friendliness but also makes sure to keep away imposters or fake accounts from BIS Matrimony’s directory. Some of the assessment parameters include:

a) Biodata – must have consistency in the information provided.

b) Edits – frequent edits in profiles indicate efforts to cover-up confusing, misleading or false information.

c) Profile pictures – must be recent, matching with the age and details provided.

d) Asking for money – should not ask for money, especially in the initial instances

e) Pressurising – fake people usually pressurise victims with their multiple demands and pose to be extremely dominating.

f) Meetings – must share all the necessary personal details willingly before asking you to meet

Keeping your satisfaction to the forefront, our team readily assists you in finding the most genuine profiles of prospective Malayali brides and grooms on this platform.

BIS Matrimony: An Online Portal Exclusively for Malayalis

Be it Christian matrimony, Muuslim Matrimony or a Hindu nuptial, weddings are not merely multi-day rituals and celebrations. These are essential turning points of men and women where their choices remain almost irreversible for their entire lives. Perfect partners should be those who stand by each other during sorrows and pleasures, ups and downs, successes and failures. A compatible spouse can mend the other’s imperfections and caress perfections with the same warmth and love.

Why associate with online matrimonial sites?

1. All the profiles enlisted in authentic websites like ours are registered through integrated verification procedures. Hence, the chances of encountering fake profiles are less.

2. Matrimonial websites provide access to a massive database of prospective grooms and brides, thus, assuring an appropriate partner as preferred. So, you can browse through numerous options in one place easily. Not only that, but you can also contact people directly once you are satisfied with their profiles.

3. Our online matrimony portal, being a 100% reliable one, ensures to safeguard your privacy when you avail our services online.

4. Dating and matrimonial sites are different. Therefore, chances of serious alliances are higher here. Once you find a suitable match, tying the knot would soon be on the cards.

5. Technically speaking, sites like ours implement various tools and filters to concentrate your searches into focused results. You can categorise your searches through an organised approach without any hassle.

One of the best online sites, BIS Matrimony has been developed specifically for the Malayalis in India and abroad with all the features of an authentic matrimonial site. Besides the aforementioned, below are some more perks you can enjoy with us:

Modern technology enabling the best matching, relevant search results quickly.

I) Friendly and safe services provided in a courteous manner.

II) Prioritising the privacy of every registered member on this portal.

III) triving to provide more relevant matches according to user preferences.

IV) Ensuring easy browsing through profiles, maintaining transparency to the best.

We believe in working closely with our customers to understand their requirements and provide them with tailored solutions for their ‘togetherness forever’. Our Kerala matrimony services are available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

Let your wedding bells ring with BIS Matrimony…

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