Kerala Matrimony App downloads a platform to search, connect, and find your partner online.


The best Kerala Matrimony App from BIS Matrimony is an ideal platform for finding your ideal Kerala bride or groom. The website is free, offering plenty of features to please both new and seasoned users alike.

The great news is that you can start using the site from home! All required is a device running Android or Apple iOS and an internet connection with high speed.

BIS Matrimony offers you the convenience of searching for a match online or via a mobile app. You will be presented with suitable matches tailored to your preferences. Whether you want to view photos or chat with potential matches, Bis Matrimony has all your needs taken care of!

We offer a unique feature that allows users to search by location, which is ideal for those searching for their ideal match nearby. Furthermore, they are one of the few matrimonial sites offering a free trial period, making it accessible even to those just starting out on their quest to find their ideal partner.
BIS Matrimony stands out among most matrimonial websites due to its impressive verification methods that help prevent bots. Plus, they even have a cool phone verification feature that will enable you to confirm your identity.

The site also offers an app, available for iOS and Android, that displays profiles. Not only can you contact your matches through SMS, chatting, or video calls using various communication functions offered by the platform, but you can also utilize its other communication features like video conferencing.