Best Bridal Mehndi Designs

bridal mehndi

One of the most beautiful wedding mehndi (Mehendi) designs for a bride is the Full Hands Mehndi. It usually becomes a customary way for all the brides to cover up their entire arms and hand with beautiful mehndi design draped all over them. Even today, when many western countries have adopted western style of weddings, the custom of wearing mehndi for wedding is still practised widely in northern parts of India like Delhi and Punjab. The tradition of wearing mehndi has its origin in the age old Persian Empire when the women used to wear it (called Khori mehndi in Rajasthan and Hijri mehndi in Uttar Pradesh). In those era, the mehndi design was a symbol of power & glory for the queens of that time and was also used on important events and festivals as a sign of good luck (like on wedding day).

The tradition of wearing a mehndi for wedding started during the rule of Shah Jahan who used to wear a mehndi of golden lotus covering his entire face and hands. This was considered as a great luck charm for his reign. After his death, his beloved wife Shehnaz became the Queen of Sheba and kept the golden lotus as a mehndi design for her hands. This tradition has been passed down to us. Although this is the most popular mehndi designs in the arabic culture, there are many other styles available.

Most of the mehndi designs focus on the two main shapes of palm, the triangle shaped ones with two pointed ends are most preferred. But nowadays, arabic and western wedding mehndi’s focus on the intricate pattern of the mehndi flowers. It may come in any size and shape and may be in the form of a bunch of flowers, a small cluster of flowers or even in single flowers. You can put any type of floral pattern on your mehndi like single flowers, bunch of flowers or a cluster of flowers on either the lower or upper half of the palm. The best thing is that you can choose any shape of palm flowers that you would like to use.

The mehndi designs can be made more interesting with a little bit of a twist. You can use any type of wild flowers that you like, either your own or from local markets around you. Try making a mehndi with the wild flowers dipped in gold or silver coins as a portion of the flowery arrangement. This will surely make your mehndi more attractive and unique.

As we all know, bridal designs in indian wedding are generally made using the hands. Although this is not necessary to mention, it is not a bad advice to include your hands as part of the mehndi design for bride. To add more beauty and grace to the mehndi, you can tie simple rugs or sari around them. These rugs can be either made from cotton or silk and beautifully embroidered by you personally. To add a more appealing look, you can also try getting some handmade sequins or stones to embellish the mehndi. These handmade Indian wedding mehndi designs can be found easily in some craft stores nearby.

The mehndi designs for bride can also be more fun and creative if you combine them with different themes. For instance, if you have a flowery theme at your mehndi, then it would be even more fun and exciting if you can mix these flowery patterns with asymmetrical patterns or asymmetrical floral motifs. The most popular of these motifs are dots, spirals, and mini swirls. These can be used along with different other colors as well, such as pastel pink, turquoise, green, and so forth. These designs can also be combined with other Indian patterns, such as those inspired by Bollywood dance.